we <3 vintage!

kuloko vintage an enamel jug filled with fresh with white and pink cosmos flowers on top of a pile of french striped teatowels


ecological, sustainable, individual


Vintage shopping has never been more popular nor as vital as it is today: long gone are the days when it was only the poor or disadvantaged rummaging through the racks of secondhand stores. Not only can you find superior quality products that have already stood the test of time, but also unique items that can help you to express your individual personality, whether in clothing or home furnishings. Adding a chippy enamel jug to a sleek, modern kitchen brings depth and warmth to a space.

re-use what already exists

It's clear that it is also becoming vital to see the value of reusing items before sending them to landfill: the idea that products we no longer have a use for should just be thrown away is monumentally flawed and environmentally unsound. Why buy something new when it already exists?

be unique

Each time you purchase a vintage piece, you are actively voting against the disposable, fast-fashion world: by refusing to buy the same or look the same as every other shopper on the high street you are free to be more authentic and true to your own taste and style, rather than being a prisoner to the latest trends and fads.

be part of a story

Vintage has a story to it, a history. By wearing pre-loved clothes or choosing a secondhand piece of furniture you become a part of that story, one that will continue after you too.


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