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A life in harmony with land and heart

We are facing a catastrophic future. With four children, there is much to fear about the world they will live in if we don't act now. At kuloko, we believe that change starts with us.

Everything we source or make for our shop is ethically produced and environmentally kind, with an emphasis on sustainable and natural materials and ingredients. Whether it's cleaning products, personal care, handmade or vintage, our aim is for these items to leave as little impact on the earth as possible. In addition to the products themselves, all of the packaging we use is guaranteed plastic-free and recycled wherever possible. 

As part of our mission to invest in positive change, we firmly believe in creating positive community spaces to encourage connection and communication, both locally as well as online. Contact us if you are interested in joining our team with a product/service of your own or if you want to suggest a product you'd like us to stock, or just stop by to say hello! 


The Grice Family,

France 2021



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