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about kuloko


Four happy girls striking poses and smiling against an enormous old wooden door

These four girls changed my life in every possible way.

Over the last decade, I have watched them grow, from giggling babes into confident, caring pre-teens, but as they grew, so did my fears for their future.

It's no longer a certainty: that much is all that really seems certain any more. The climate crisis is becoming an emergency, and unless humans take radical steps to change their destructive, pollutive behaviour, I don't know what kind of future our children will face. It's up to us to be the change we want to see in the world, and that is why Jude and I started kuloko.

Everything we source or make for our shop is ethically produced and environmentally kind, with an emphasis on sustainable and natural materials and ingredients. Plastic-free is essential. Whether it's cleaning products, personal care, handmade or vintage, our aim is for these items to leave as little impact on the earth as possible. In addition to the products themselves, all of the packaging we use is guaranteed plastic-free and recycled wherever possible. 

Contact us if you are interested in joining our team with a product/service of your own or if you want to suggest a product you'd like us to stock.




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Why kuloko?

Moving from England to France in 2014, our family of six has always been passionate about making do and recycling. The climate crisis we now face impelled us to create kuloko as a place to bring our artist and artisan skills together to source ethical and ecological alternatives to profit-first big commerce.


We select products that reflect our belief that the goods we buy for our homes should add value to our lives without destroying the planet. Our vintage stock is chosen for quality, style and uniqueness, and is itself a simple and direct way to recycle; the plastic-free glue and natural cleaning products we stock are those we use in our own home and we also offer a selection of hand-crafted items either made by us or sourced through fairtrade suppliers we trust to be clear about the sustainability of their practices.


This is our way of making a positive difference: we hope to offer inspiration as well as practical alternatives to the problems facing our planet so that together we can build a better future for all the children of the world. It may only seem like a small change, choosing to buy a sustainably sourced, biodegradable dish brush, but imagine that one simple action multiplied seven billion times... 



Be the change you want to see in the world.



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